By Alexus Baldwin (Stratas Media Group)

What are the assets of running a successful company? There are various ways to achieve this but Romeo Spino offers valuable information that will help you along the way regardless of the type of business you own.

“Get quiet in your mind cause everything else is background noise. You must not care what people think but more so what they say. In the end, I do what makes me happy because success is about internal happiness, not the possessions you own or portray,” said Romeo Spino, CEO of StratasCorp.

Leaving a legacy and spreading positivity should be one of the main focuses and when one quiets your mind everything else becomes background noise. Everyone is always trying to portray they’re doing better but it’s not about that either, it’s about just being yourself.


“Accept your reality and don’t live in a fantasy because there is nothing romantic about starting a business, all of it is hard work.” People need to be self-conscious of who they really are. Meaning they need to separate who they think they are from who they really are… What is in their DNA. If you’re a true entrepreneur to the core, then doing anything else besides working for yourself will make you feel like you are suffocating. If you want to start your own business then you need to ask yourself, “If I could do anything in the world as my job and I didn’t care if I made one dollar or a million dollars from it, but it made me feel internal happiness” then whatever that answer is…is what you should start as a business. Because everything will come easy to you, things will happen organically, the process won’t be forced. But remember you will still need to put in the work to be successful. hard work eventually beats natural talent every time.


Being empathetic starts with being open-minded. Don’t focus on the dirt that’s on the glass in front of you. Instead look pass the dirt because you need to see the bigger picture of what’s in the distance. To be a good leader you need to have a good pulse on the culture of your business and deploy the employees’ point of view, not your own. I think that’s fundamentally the number one mistake entrepreneurs make. They aren’t empathic to listen what matters most at this very moment in their employee’s life. Because once a CEO can figure that out with real time data then you are able to pivot and make decision that puts your employee and business in the best possible position to succeed. And how you get that data from your employees is by communicating.


I believe to be successful in business and in life, you need to be able to provide value to people and make people feel valued. If you can give people, the things they need without expecting anything in return, then you will soon realize that life gets a heck of lot easier. Because things will always play out how they are supposed to. Being kind doesn’t take as much energy as being a dick! You have to accept that everything isn’t always going to go your way…and you have to accept that your success and failures in life and business is a direct result from your actions. Karma is practical and at the end of each day the highs and lows are always your fault. You either live by the sword or die by the sword.

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